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Sikkim, the land above clouds and gateway to the mighty Kanchenjunga!

Sikkim, a bewitching land of beliefs and landscapes. A place that entices the visitor with not just it’s flora and fauna but also with the clear view of Kanchenjunga! The least populous state and the second smallest state of India, each part of Sikkim has some different and unique thing to offer to the wandering soul. 

Drive thru the famed Old Silk Route and live the olden days. Unveil the unmatched beauty of the mountains, snow and twists and turns of the route! Places like Lungthung, Gnathang offers the most exciting experience of visiting the off-beat places and discovering the land covered with clouds!

Clouds converse, Winds whisper, Rains chatter, Rivers run and the Monks chant the hymns at a distance; we remain mute spectators.

Visit the monasteries or the Old baba mandir, the divine feeling will be the same. A visit to the Natu La is sure to churn out the innermost patriotic sentiments of each and every visitor. The Tsomgu lake also known as the Changu lake is revered and held in high esteem. Spend time admiring the changing colours of the water and enjoy the yak ride. Walk through the streets of Gangtok or the market and feel the pace of the city.

Travel to South Sikkim and seek the blessings of Sakyamuni Buddha at the Buddha Park. The picturesque view from the hilltop monastery Samdruptse will be in one’s memories for a long time. A drive in south Sikkim would be incomplete without a visit to the Chardham.

Warm-hearted people, the hospitality they offer, a rich cultural heritage and much more renders a wonderful travel experience.

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