Travelling leaves you speechless. Travelling with camera turns you into a storyteller.

OwlStories is a dusty journal that represents a creative quotient of fascinating experiences from the events, places and journeys across the world as seen and read through the eyes of Naveena Mohan


Happiness is … a packed travel bag and tickets in your hands!


A ‘namma Bengalooru’ woman settled in ‘amchi Mumbai’ for a good 25 years now. I love my Bangalore and adore Mumbai. School and college days were bliss! Ganging up with my buddies for a game of cricket was exciting. Being the brat in the classroom was mischievous. Imitating mannerisms of friends, teachers and some popular actors of our years was hilarious. Impromptu bicycling to the Cubbon Park and all those years of drama workshops and staging the plays in some of the most well-known auditoriums and stages of the city as well as outside Bangalore – the days were all action packed and full of drama!! With time and marriage, drama still continues… off the stage! Wielding a ladle in the kitchen, nagging my daughter about the clothes heap unattended in her room, serving moong sprouts and putting hubby on a strict diet or for that matter working out in the gym trying to reduce that stubborn fat settled comfortably for a few years now…yes, the drama continues!! But travel and photography bugs have only added and made this journey more interesting and dramatic.

Well, leaving the ramblings aside, I strongly believe that we are born to wander, discover and appreciate the beauty of this world. Visit places, trek up the mountain, stand still in front of a flowing river, listen to those chirping birds, join the monks and chant the hymns, watch the drama that unfolds in the sky in a nondescript village even as we devour the local cuisine, enjoy every moment. Being the true traveller at heart, if I was not travelling, I believed in helping others in their travels. So much so, that, I spent around 5 years in a travel organisation crafting holidays and amazing experiences for clients from all over the world.

Amidst my travel escapades, photography started as a casual affair of taking pictures during family trips and outings and led me to discover the creative side of me by looking at the world from a different viewpoint. Yes, through the viewfinder of my camera. And, when my affair with the camera turned into an addiction is a little hard to understand now. I have come to believe that travel and photography is a lethal combination!

In over two decades time, I’ve seen myself growing through the evolution of photography. From the days of posing for film cameras like Yashica in my dad’s hands to clicking selfie pics in the mobile phones these days, my interest in photography has only become intense. With a huge image bank and my love for the owls (yes, birding is yet another passionate hobby and bird photography another love) and the stories from my interesting and enjoyable journeys, OwlStories became a perfect platform to share my experiences with the world.