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Rosary Church, A Relic!

There are times when silence is a poem

Hassan, a district in the state of Karnataka, India is known as the seat of the Hoysala Empire! Hoysala era today is remembered foremost for its architecture. But little is known about the other architectural wonders in Hassan. A relic that stands tall even when it submerges deep under the waters and mysteriously comes into life although in it’s crumbling form and becomes visible when the water recedes! It’s the Magnificient Rosary church, located about 2 km away from Shettihalli in Hassan.

The mysterious silence around this church is palpable when one walks inside the ruins of a relic and under the broken arches. Rosary Church was built by the French missionaries in 1860 but abandoned when the Hemavati Dam and Reservoir was constructed in 1960. The church submerges almost completely under water during monsoon and it’s a visual for which many rush to get a glimpse.

The surreal beauty of this relic in ruins can be enjoyed thoroughly both during summer when one can drive to the main site and walk and explore the church premises and also during monsoon while staying at a distance catch the sight of the submerged surreal beauty! This church is a spectacular example of Gothic architecture.

When all else is lost, the future still remains
~ Christian Bovee

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