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Leh, Ladakh

Drama in the Valley, sky, monasteries, stupas and everywhere! Live Leh, Live Ladakh.

Ladakh is a land of stark contrasts! Mighty mountain ranges but green patches of life in between valleys, tough terrain but dotted with colourful monasteries brimming with life, desert on one side yet again happy and smiling faces of the villagers leading their routine life! The spiritual side of Ladakh is very evident with various monasteries dotting the land all over and the merrily fluttering prayer flags everywhere is the very essence of this seraphic land!  But there exists another awesome side to this tough terrain. It could melt your hearts with emerald green lakes and blue skies. 

This land fondly referred to as the ‘land of high passes’, is a region in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Ladakh is a land of endless discoveries.  It’s easy to fall in love with this paradise on earth.

Lakes, Mountains, monasteries and more!

The mountainscape of Ladakh leaves you stupefied. The colours and shapes of the mountain in the region towards Tanglang La, will keep one glued to the window of the vehicle as we drive thru. Among the last village in the Changthang region of Ladakh, Hanle is a colourful and cozy little village with very warm people. Mountain-watching can be considered a serious hobby if one happens to be in this part of Ladakh!

Walk aside from the mountains and along the awesome lakes, you will be treated to some picturesque vistas. One doesn’t need to be romantic to fall in love with the enchanting lakes of Ladakh, in particular, the Pangong Tso and Tso Moriri. The very sight of the bewitching lakes transports you into a dream world. The myriad colours and hues of the water in the lake and the picturesque vistas leave you speechless. 

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