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Colorful gentle giants

They may be the giants of the forests, but they are also gentle! The city of Mumbai saw these giants take to the streets and everybody loved them. Well, these gentle giants stood and stole the hearts of people in many a streets of Mumbai! How couldn’t they? Some pretty, a few intricately artistic, a few others with eclectic colours, patterns and motifs designed by popular names in the industry – they were all there! Only these were the gigantic hathi statues!

It was the ‘Help the Hathi’ Elephant parade initiative, to raise funds for the conservation and protection of these pachyderms. Two Organisations, The Elephant Parade and the Elephant Family came together and had organised the art exhibition of these majestic but baby giants in life size! The event was spread across the city and these elephants were displayed at various places. The images in this album are from the exhibits in Bandra fort during March 2018.

Help the Hathi – an amazing initiative!

The Father-son duo Marc and Mike Spits, were inspired to work towards the conservation of the elephant after encountering a baby elephant ‘Mosha’ in Thailand! The baby had lost her leg after stepping on a landmine. This initiative started way back in 2007, essentially takes to the streets the artistically designed and adorned life-size statues of baby elephants. These hand-crafted statues are exhibited and sold and funds raised. Another NGO Elephant family, with the sole aim, is to protect the species from extinction joined hands too.

They had exhibited 101 elephants in each city, which showcases the nation’s creative artists and celebrate the animal. A few of these attractive statues were exhibited in Bandra fort, too! Some of the statues displayed were designed by famous personalities like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Pranab Das, Tarun Tahiliani & Gaurav Gupta, to name a few. This event also supported the 101 corridors campaign, with calls to corporate India and the government to raise 20 million pounds to establish 101 elephant corridors in the country for the safe passage of the animal.

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