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Grandeur of Gudi Padwa

Beginning of the hindu new year and celebrating the victory of good over evil!

The onset of a New year heralds prosperity, happiness and new hopes for the coming year! Across India, the first day of the new year is celebrated with great jubilation and festivities. It’s worthy to note that each state of this vibrant country has different days and ways of celebrating the new year. States like Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka celebrate the new year’s day as Ugaadi and Maharashtra as Gudi Padwa!!

Celebrated in the month of Chaitra, it is considered as an auspicious day and marks the victory of good over evil in context with the Hindu lord Sri Ram defeating the demon king Ravan and returning with his wife Sita Devi and his coronation as the King.

Festivals, traditions and rituals binds us together!

Across the state of Maharashtra colourful rangolis, special gudi flag which is considered to ward off the evil, pujas and offerings to the god and street processions mark the festivities. Every year, on the streets of Mumbai the ritual of holding Shobha yatra has gained momentum. Men, women and children come together to make this a memorable event. Dressed in their traditional costumes of kurtas, nauvaris, turbans and holding the flags, playing the Nashik dhols and dancing to the energetic beats carry out the procession. In the recent times, women in their traditional best riding the Royal Enfield bullets during the procession has added to the swag quotient of the entire celebrations. 

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